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Playing Pyramid Solitaire Online!

Playing online card games is an easy and simple task because you don’t have to download and install them. All you need is a flash player in your system and everything will be fine. As you know that there are hundreds of versions of Solitaire but this post will be discussing strategies and techniques to play Pyramid Solitaire. Pyramid solitaire is an easy going game unless you have proper information and techniques to play it wisely. Though, this game is not predictable but playing it with proper strategies and techniques can help you to win it.

Most of the people think that luck and fortune is involved in card games. May be they are right to an extent but if you have proper know how of game and its rules then I can assure that victory is very easy. So, let’s just talk about winning this game by some proper techniques.

Concept Of Pyramid Solitaire:

Your task while playing this game is to eliminate all the cards from the tableau and talon sequence. You can also move cards in pairs to complete their sequence when they are in a combination of 13. Besides, only King can be moved from one column to another alone. To remove the cards, you have to make sure that all the cards are properly visible and there is no card above them without any visibility.

Possible Removable Combinations In Pyramid Solitaire:

  • Queen & Ace
  • 2 & Jack
  • 3 & 10
  • 4 & 9
  • 5 & 8
  • 6 & 7
  • King (Because you can move it alone too)

Eventually, you can see that the rules of this game are very easy and the cards can easily be eliminated from the pyramids. All you need is to plan out the strategies and maximum options to remove sequences of cards.

While playing this game, you have to scrutinize the first four rows because this is the winning point. Make sure that you are observing these rows precisely because you can win the game without having any fear of losing. For an instance, you have to compare cards from the bottom row containing 4 cards with the cards that are given in the extreme bottom. If you find a KING, you can easily eliminate it without making a pair of it.

Though, there are classic rules too but I will discuss the modern rules because such rules are applied in online games.

  • First of all, you have to remove the pyramid of cards by possible combinations that are dealt in a sequence of 3.
  • The card at the bottom can only be deal for once.
  • To make the game easy and simple, you can take cards from Stock and if you want to reject the card, you can easily discard it by putting it in the Discard Pile.

Some Quick Tips To Win:

  • While playing, always make sure that you are removing KING as soon as it comes in front of your eyes.
  • As you know that this game is not predictable, so make sure after starting a game by observing the cards that is it worth to play it? Sometimes, bad cards show up and people get messed up instead of solving the puzzles.
  • Planning your moves is the best option to win the game.
  • Try to play the game slowly instead of rushing it up because there are chances of losing the game. By playing with strategies, the probability of winning the game increases.

So, don’t lose a chance and try to play this game with great effort and strategies. Use your logical and mathematical skills to win the Pyramid Solitaire.

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