Spider Solitaire Rules

Spider Solitaire has become one of the most popular casual games those days. With a long history which starts somewhere in the middle ages spider solitaire has only simple rules. In order to play the game you need 2 packs of playing cards. The game can be downloaded or played online but it can also be played without a computer using 2 sets of physical cards using the following rules.

Cards Layout

When the game starts the cards has to be aligned in a specific layout. To arrange the cards you have first to shuffle all of them. Then 44 cards are arranged faced down in 10 columns and another 10 are put faced up. The first 4 columns will contain 5 cards faced down and one more card faced up, while each of the rest of 6 columns will contain 4 faced down cards and one faced up. Those columns are named Tableau.

The rest of the cards are put faced down in a pile called Stock and placed down in the right side.


Spider Solitaire Objective

The goal of the game is to arrange all the cards in complete sequences of descending suits. Each sequence will start with the King, Queen, Jack, 10, … ending with 3, 2, A, all of them from the same suite and complete sequences are placed automatically in Foundations area. The game is complete when all the cards in the game are placed in the Foundation area.

Spider Solitaire Rules

The rules are pretty simple. All the operations are performed in the Tableau columns. A card can be moved from one column to another if it’s the descendant adjacent card to the one it is placed on. For example a Jack of any suite can be placed on top of a Queen of any suite. Similarly, descending groups can be also placed if they are all from the same suite. Once a sequence of descending cards from the same suite is completed it will be placed in the Foundations area.


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